Fendi Inspired DIY

Fendi released some really cute designs in their Spring and Fall 2015 collection. But not everyone can afford to drop $2,000 on one bag or $1,500 on a top. So I came up with 3 easy DIY projects, recreating some of my favorite pieces from the collection.

Back to Blogging

Ok so I'm back to blogging again and I must admit I'm pretty excited. This is my second time launching the Daily Peach blog. I don't know where it will end up this time around but I'm looking forward to this journey. I started the Daily Peach late 2011. Unfortunately I didn't stay consistent and the blog fell short. I had to close the site and I was so disappointed. I had to find it within myself to start over. I been wanting to start blogging again. Its just been about finding the time and getting organized.

Early Morning Tea & Inspiration

I'm really not a morning person. When I get up, I usually struggle to get out of bed. Most of my time is spent sitting at the edge of the bed contemplating how tired I am and if I really want to get this day started. Recently I decide to do a few things to help with my morning moodiness. Of course I like to start my day off with a cup of coffee. Then I like to listen to music blasting as I take a shower. And when I'm getting dressed I started listening to podcasts on my iPad or catch up on the latest vlogs from my favorite Youtubers. All these things get me feeling real good as I'm about to start my day.

Getting & Staying Organized

It can be hard to stay focused in a fast paced world. We live in a society where everyone is always on the go. With me sometimes I'm in and out and it feels like I don't have time to slow down. It's hard to get things done at times. When you're constantly on the go it can be extremely hard to keep things in order. So here are a few tips that will help you get organized. Things that you can do on a day to day basis or on your down time.

Model Behavior

I got the pleasure to style a shoot with Click Models' beauty Lauriel and photographer Ernest Collins. Working on set with this group of creative people was such an amazing experience. I had so much fun on set. We laughed continuously, I felt like we were family although it was a professional setting. The highlight of the shoot was when Cynthia Baily of the Real Housewives of Atlanta called in to the photographer and wished us luck. Everyone on set was awesome. I picked out 2 looks for Lauriel, and she looked fab.

Another Post

Hi this is a sample post. Just testing to see how things will look.
Photo credit: Create Her Stock

Hi this is a sample post. Just testing to see how things will look.
Hi this is a sample post. Just testing to see how things will look.

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